Every auditBus content is layered.

Each layer represents at least one location and each site, can have subordinated sites. Individually or grouped by other layers. The shape of the branches is neither determined, nor uniformly and follows the hierarchical structure of a given organisation.

Access to any content is organised ba access to specific layers.

  • Questionnaires are accessible, by assignment to a specific layer and give users access to it. Rights to access automatically include subordinated items.
  • Users get access by adding layers to their account.
  • By selection of a specific layer, evaluations, counts, key figures and banchmarks for the selected node are calculated.



All data is with reference to the selected layer respectively node. Comparision of different subsets is achieved by switching between layers.


New layers and sites will always be added to the currently selected node. For example, to add a new location to "Germany" like shown on the left, select  "Germany" first, and "add Location" next.

Shape of Branches can be edited any time by drag and drop. In order to split "Central" into "Central-South" and "Central-North" for example, add both new layers to the folder "Central" and then move "Austria" to "Central-South" and "Germany" to "Central-North".

This way to cluster data is a comfortable method to organize user rights by competence and grants highest flexibility for reporting.