HACCP - Food hygiene

Checks of total compliance with hygiene specifications and cleanliness in Coffee- / Snackshops spread across all Europe.

  • Inspection of personal hygiene and gowning instructions.
  • Monitoring temperatures of refrigerators, warm and cold meals.
  • Documentation of microbiological analysis.

Samples of criteria, matching locally offered products and services must be selectable from the auditplan. Total from maximum of all selected items will be a hundred percent result.

The Sample is audited on site, together with local staff members. Detected deviations have to be communicated to employees and documented on site.



Project focus

  • Due to inclusion of local staff members, audit have to be carried out in their native language.
  • Deviations actions should immediately be explained to the local staff and reported in action plans.
  • Overall score and benchmarks should be reported to relevant departments in a timely manner.


Advantages by use of Audit Content Management Systems

  • Audit guidelines are multilingual from the outset and each expert gets the list to be checked in his native language. By selecting a different language, guidelines are automatically translated.
  • Critical deviations of zero tolerance (e.g. due to possible damage of health) can be escalated at the touch of a button.
  • Raw audit data and intermediate evaluations are available any time and any place.